Debris Netting Services

Debris Netting installation and maintenance

Staff protection is always the number one priority and properly designed debris netting is highly effective in promoting site safety.

Debris net systems protects site personnel, road and pedestrian traffic, and adjacent properties from the risk of falling tools and debris.

Debris netting can also act as an effective wind, vision or shade barrier for the protection of operatives whilst on site. It can be installed anywhere at your premises and at any height to maximise building safety.

Joint Venture Scaffolding are hugely experienced in the supply and installation of Debris Netting. We provide full risk assessments and action plans and we use only fully qualified technicians for installation work. You can have complete confidence that all Debris Netting will be installed perfectly.

Our debris net systems provide a fine mesh overlay to installed safety net systems. Debris nets can be attached to edge protection systems. We offer a wide range of debris netting products which are available for sale or hire. All safety nets are subject to wear and tear and depending on the environment  that are installed they will degrade over time. We offer regular inspection to ensure that your netting is always fully compliant with the latest building standards.

Joint Venture Scaffolding offer an unbeatable range of Safety Netting, Debris Netting, Roof Over Netting and Bird Netting solutions to clients all over Glasgow and central Scotland. Call 01698 351 761 to find out how we can help you.

  • Protect your staff and members of the public from falling debris or work materials

  • We’ve installed Debris Netting on a huge range of construction projects of all sizes and types

  • Our staff are highly experienced award winning professionals

  • We’re fully certified and have a rigorous approach to all Health and Safety issues

Joint Venture Scaffolding offer an unbeatable range of Safety Netting, Roof Edge Protection and Scaffolding solutions to both Commercial and Industrial companies all over Scotland