Bird Netting Services

Bird Netting installation

Protect your premises from the potential nuisance of birds and other pests with a well designed and installed Bird Netting system.

Our bird netting systems are a cost-effective and long-lasting way of protecting property against birds and other pests. While many people like to have birds around it can be a different story if there are too many of them on or near your business premises. Pigeons and seagulls can become an unbearable nuisance (and even a hazard) to both your staff and customers and the waste and nests they produce can actually damage the fabric of your building.

Bird netting is an excellent deterrent for any potential birds that could become a nuisance. It’s vital that the netting is installed correctly and we are highly experienced in the protection of buildings from birds and can offer all of the guidance and specialist advice you need.

We offer the very latest in bird netting which is available in range of sizes and colours. Our netting offers protection from birds roosting, perching and nesting, as well as being environmentally friendly and humane.

As netting specialists, we provide a range of mounting accessories and have a skilled team to advise and assist you with the design, installation and maintenance of any netting solution.

Joint Venture Scaffolding offer an unbeatable range of Safety Netting, Debris Netting, Roof Over Netting and Bird Netting solutions to clients all over Glasgow and central Scotland. Call 01698 351 761 to find out how we can help you.

  • Brid Netting is an excellent pest deterrent for all types of commercial and industrial buildings

  • We can offer you all of the help and advice you need to install a safe, effective and humane solution

  • Bird Netting is highly effective and requires very little maintenance once installed

  • Our staff are highly experienced award winning professionals

  • We’re fully certified and have a rigorous approach to all Health and Safety issues

Joint Venture Scaffolding offer an unbeatable range of Safety Netting, Roof Edge Protection and Scaffolding solutions to both Commercial and Industrial companies all over Scotland